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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Western Digital to play second fiddle

At last the mystery is unravelled

Yesterday we reported that much to our own confusion, Seagate had been appointed official provider of hard disks for the Xbox console. Confusing, we said, because Western Digital had been granted the same gig barely a month earlier! But apparently not, according to a nameless Microsoft-based reader who dropped us a line last night, "Seagate will be the primary source, but in case their supply runs out at any point during production, Western Digital are on board as a secondary source.." It all seems so clear now. All thanks to our man at MS, and to humour him, we shall include his little anti-PS2 comment.. "..obviously this sort of contingency will help us to avoid blunders like the PlayStation 2's.. well, just the PlayStation 2." Quite. Related Feature - Seagate to supply HDDs for Xbox