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Seagate to supply HDDs for Xbox

Microsoft announce a strategic partner in venerable hard-disk specialist Seagate

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The built-in hard-disk to be found in Microsoft's Xbox console due out toward the end of next year is apparently now to be provided by Seagate. The press release detailing the announcement contains all sorts of back-slapping and jolly spiel about each company's suitability for one another etc, however the eagle-eyed readers among you may remember that not so long ago CNet were reporting that Western Digital had got the contract. The latter it seemed was going to use its new Protégé line of ATA100 devices for the console, but judging by today's announcement, something has gone awry. We're as puzzled as you are. Neither Western Digital nor Seagate's webpages reveal any information on the matter. Perhaps it's some sort of cockup? Or perhaps Western Digital have lost the contract somehow without anyone noticing. Either way it's a touch spooky. More on this as we uncover it.

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