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Apple to unveil new iPad models on 22nd October - report

Company sends out event invites, Retina iPad announce rumoured.

Apple has scheduled a press event for 22nd October in San Francisco where it is expected to reveal a new range of iPads.

The company neglected to mention its tablet range during its recent iPhone-related pow-wow, which focused on the announcements of iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S.

Photos purporting to show a new slimmer iPad and iPad mini have been circulating online for some time, and reports have suggested the pair will be made available in iPhone 5S colours Space Grey and Silver.

Both the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg have claimed that Apple is prepping a Retina display-equipped iPad mini, which will likely keep the same screen size as the existing model.

A round-up of insider reports from The Verge meanwhile suggests the next full-sized iPad will be thinner and lighter but will see no further upgrade in screen quality.

Camera upgrades and the possible inclusion of the iPhone 5S' new fingerprint sensor have also been touted for each model.