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Apotheon Arena is a free multiplayer spin-off that launched today

The original Apotheon is 75 per cent off on Steam.

Apotheon developer Alientrap Games has released a free multiplayer component to its stylish mythological take on the "Metroidvania" formula. It's called Apothean Arena and it's out today on Steam.

Better yet, this is a standalone product, so you needn't purchase Apotheon to access it.

Though it you want to check out the original, now is the time as it's 75 per cent off on Steam at a mere £2.74 until 14th December.

Eurogamer contributor Dan Whitehead was a fan of the original Apotheon. "It's stunning to look at and a pleasure to play, and what flaws it does have can be easily overlooked by anyone looking for something smart and stylish," he concluded in his Apotheon review.

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