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Another World's Eric Chahi drops new game hints

Something strategic.

Another World creator Eric Chahi has told Eurogamer that he's working on a strategy game idea.

"For now I'm working alone on a game design, my ideas are very clear and I hope to start it soon," he told us in an interview to mark the release of the 15th anniversary edition of Another World.

"The closest hint I can convey is it a strategy game but I can't tell anything more for now."

Another World sold around one million copies worldwide in the 1990s, but Chahi says he isn't interested in working on a direct sequel. "I prefer to create something new," he told us.

As for what he's been up to since the six years he spent working on Heart of Darkness (remember that one?), it sounds like he's been enjoying himself (travelling, painting, "volcano photography, sound synthesis programming").

But he's not stopped playing games, although he does admit that he's struggled to find games that appeal to him.

As a result, he turned to older games, like Shenmue 2 ("I missed when it had been released").

"Next games on my list are Viva Piñata, Lost Planet and - when they come out - Supreme Commander and Spore. Also I can't wait to play on Wii," he concluded.

For more of Chahi's thoughts and reflections on Another World, be sure to check out the full interview.