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Another 164 Blockbuster stores are closing down

That's 324 in total since administration began.

Another 164 Blockbuster stores are going to close, administrator Deloitte has announced.

They'll lock their doors one last time at some point in "the coming weeks". The staff employed at those stores will lose their jobs.

There will be closing down sales, and if your local Blockbuster is affected you'll be notified so you can return outstanding rental items, apparently.

Added to the 160 stores black-marked for closure in January, the total now stands at 324.

When Blockbuster went into administration of 16th January, the company operated 528 stores across the UK and employed 4190 staff.

That leaves 204 Blockbuster unscathed by administration so far. They'll trade as normal while Deloitte tries to find a Blockbuster buyer. Discussions with "a number of parties interested in purchasing all or parts of the business" are ongoing.

"We have continued to review the performance of individual stores since our appointment a month ago and have concluded that further closures are necessary in order to restructure the company for sale."