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Ankama details new game Slage

Cute Diablo-alike from makers of Dofus.

Ankama Games, the creator of the turn-based MMO Dofus, has revealed more about its brand new hackandslash game, Slage.

Inspired by Diablo, this is an online-only multiplayer romp for PC where, from lobbies of hundreds, teams of four can co-operatively delve into an endless supply of randomly-created dungeons.

Underpinning Slage are Ankama's eye-catching cartoon curves, which are presented here - for the first time in the French developer's history - in 3D. There's a hefty amount of gore on display as well, although this can be toned down via parental controls.

Slage retains the isometric viewpoint of Dofus, and even the 12 character classes from the popular free-to-play MMO. Ankama hasn't worked out the exact business model for Slage yet, but does know this will "definitely not" involve a subscription.

Cartoon Gauntlet?

Head over to the Ankama Games website to find out more about Dofus, upcoming PVP spin-off Dofus Arena, and sequel Wakfu. Something about Slage should pop up there in the future.

Slage has no release date.