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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp just got its biggest update yet

Something to fawn over.

Smartphone spin-off Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has today received a hefty new update, which contains all sorts of new features and quality of life improvements.

You can now play dress up with animals once you've reached a certain friendship level with them, and pop them in clothes you've collected.

There's a new slot machine mini-game to gamble your Friend Powder for rewards, situated at OK Motors. You play for bottle caps, which can then be traded for essences, clothing or exclusive furniture.

You can also now request a Quarry invite from 10 people at once rather than selecting them individually - a welcome change - and at last roll out multiple rugs at your campsite.

Other changes include the addition of flowers to villager requests, various UI improvements and the ability to gain resources on the game's map screen by popping balloons.

Fans who've peered inside the app's files have also found a couple of features ready to roll out but currently hidden behind the scenes.

Flowers! Bamboo!

Most notably, the ability to customise your campsite's terrain has been spotted - its background, fences, decking and the like. There's no word yet on how you'll acquire more of these options.

Another resource collection event themed around Frozen-style crystals is on the way, along with four more villagers (Fuschia, Eugene, Octavian, Freya, Dotty) and another Host the Most event.

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