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All the stupid of E3 2013

Made-up words and conference fails.

The past couple of days worth of pre-E3 conferences have been full of memorable moments. There's not a hall of fame at Los Angeles' Convention Centre, but if there was, a bust of Jack Tretton looking deservedly smug having just delivered the knockout blows to Xbox One would soon be there, joining a monument of Miyamoto triumphantly waving a Master Sword in the air.

If there was a hall of infamy, it'd be swelling with new admissions this year. Producers played fast and loose with the English language, technical gremlins crept in to pull some of the big game's trousers down and elsewhere there were plenty of execs and developers happy to provide a tonne of stupid. Ian Higton's compiled the lowlights of the past few days for you in the video below.

Watch on YouTube

You can see some actual E3 highlights and all the gameplay that's been revealed in the past few days on Eurogamer's YouTube channel.

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