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All Take-Two games to have DLC, multi

Publisher posts heavy losses in Q2.

Take-Two held its second-quarter earnings call with investors yesterday, handing out a date to BioShock 2 and a delay to Mafia II and Red Dead Redemption in the process, and announcing the next GTAIV DLC for 360.

According to VG247, the publisher also stated an intention to extend the life of all of its future games with downloadable content or multiplayer modes.

This would be considered on a title-by-title basis, it said, but was aimed at satiating the consumer's need for extra content. Or Take-Two's need for extra revenue streams, one of the two.

The decision may certainly be related to the fact that Take-Two's top earner for the second quarter (according to Gamespot) wasn't a full title at all, but a DLC pack: GTAIV's The Lost and Damned.

The publisher posted a heavy USD 10 million loss the for the quarter, although it said this was less than it expected. There were a lot of unfavourable comparisons with the same period last year, which saw Grand Theft Auto IV's release.