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"All-new Xbox hardware" to be shown at Gamescom

UPDATE: Microsoft clarifies announcement.

UPDATE 19/7/18: Microsoft has contacted Eurogamer to clarify that the "new hardware" announcement does, indeed, relate only to “new Xbox bundles and accessories”.

ORIGINAL STORY 18/7/18: Microsoft will use a live Inside Xbox show to debut "all-new Xbox hardware and accessories", direct from this year's Gamescom showfloor.

To put your expectations in check, we're not expecting Microsoft to suddenly spring the launch of Xbox Two on us next month - even if Xbox chief Phil Spencer confirmed new consoles - plural - were in development back at E3.

More likely, Microsoft will be debuting its snazzy rumoured Xbox Elite 2 controller, details of which have leaked previously. It's said to feature USB-C charging and Bluetooth, among other things.

Image credit: EDDS86

Could there be more, though? Another gadget or redesign? Perhaps, but we're keeping our feet on the ground for this one.

"Features on upcoming titles" - so, updates on in-development games - will also be shown. We should hopefully see more on the delayed Crackdown 3, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, and perhaps Battletoads and Gears 5.

You'll be able to watch the Inside Xbox stream from 3.30pm UK time on Tuesday, 21st August - the afternoon of Gamescom's first day. We'll be reporting live from the show.