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Adr1ft floats to PS4 next week

Planet earth is blue and there's nothing I can do.

First-person floating simulator Adr1ft is coming to PS4 in Europe and North America on 15th July.

Developer Adam Orth tweeted that it will cost $19.99 (about £15).

The deep space survival game drew many comparisons to Alfonso Cuarón's zero-g thriller Gravity, with its central premise of coping with a major collision in earth's orbit. It was also frequently used as a tech demo to show off the Oculus Rift as its stunning visuals and slow movement pairs well with the VR headset.

"Adr1ft may be a slow paced game, but it's one of the most intense experiences currently available for the Rift," said Digital Foundry's John Linneman. That being said, he did warn those sensitive to motion sickness to be cautious of it.

Eurogamer contributor Rick Lane, who reviewed the non-VR version of Adr1ft, came away with less stellar impressions, calling it "a game that is both distant and cold."

"The narrative lacks urgency and the game itself lacks direction or interactive immediacy. It remains a treat for the eyes, and no doubt an impressive technical showcase of what VR can achieve, but while Adr1ft might make your head spin, it's unlikely to make your heart race," he concluded in his Adr1ft review.

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