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Adorable dinosaur park sim Parkasaurus is going aquatic in new Sea Monsters DLC

Arriving on PC "soon".

Developer WashBear Studio's relentlessly adorable (and highly enjoyable) dinosaur park management sim Parkasaurus will be welcoming a host of aquatic exhibits for the very first time come the arrival of its newly announced Sea Monsters expansion "soon".

Parkasaurus, if you're unfamiliar, takes obvious inspiration from the likes of Theme Park and DinoPark Tycoon, giving players all the tools they need to build and staff their very own dino-flavoured tourist attraction. Crucially, that involves providing the perfect habitats for a wide variety of adorable prehistoric creatures, with each dinosaur having specific terrain, water, food, privacy, and scenery requirements.

And once that's done, it's time to throw open the doors for an endless procession of guests, and they in turn have their own needs to be fulfilled - from places to eat to places to poop - if they're going to continue to spend, spend, spend. And hopefully not get eaten.

Parkasaurus Launch Trailer.Watch on YouTube

All in all, it's a pleasingly slick, thoroughly charming park management game, providing ample options and opportunities to keep things interesting - and those will be expanding next month with the arrival of Parkasuarus' Sea Monsters DLC.

As its name suggests, Sea Monsters' focus is on bringing aquatic reptiles and fish into Parkasaurus, with Washbear promising "10+" new creatures, including Elasmosaurus, Plesiosaurus, Mosasaurus, Atopodentatus, Sarcosuchus, Archelon, Dunkleosteus, Liopleurodon, Ichthyosaurus, Placodus, and Megalodon.

Additionally, you can expect three new biomes - Beach, Lagoon, and Photic - all of which can be constructed using new see-through walls to create tank-like enclosures. You'll need to keep an eye on water depth and heat to ensure your animals' needs are met and there'll be 20+ new exhibits items to use within them.

And if that's still not enough, you can expect two new missions and a range of new hats.

There's no trailer for Sea Monsters just yet but you can glimpse some of its new features in this screenshot.

Washbear says it'll have plenty more to share on Parkasaurus' Sea Monsters expansion over the course of April, and while there's no hint of a release date yet - beyond a vague "spring" launch window - the developer is aiming to "have this out the door soon".

And if you haven't yet experienced the prehistoric pleasures of Parkasaurus, you might be interested to know the game's currently discounted by 50% on Steam, bringing its usual asking price down to £9.49 until Monday, 4th April.

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