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Adorable dinosaur park management sim Parkasaurus starts early access next month

On Steam in September.

Developer WashBear Studio has announced that Parkasaurus, its breezy dinosaur theme park management sim, will be heading to Steam Early Access next month, on Tuesday, September 25th.

Inspired by the classic likes of DinoPark Tycoon and Theme Park, Parkasaurus tasks players with managing their own prehistorically-flavoured amusement park.

Unlike, say, Frontier's recent and rather rigid Jurassic World Evolution, however, you've full control over your Parkasaurus park, and have access to a range of tools enabling you to properly plan and lay out your creation - even constructing and customising individual exhibits - to ensure that paying guests and your dinosaur inhabitants remain happy.

WashBear says that Parkasaurus will arrive in Steam Early Access with almost all of its planned features in place - although there'll be plenty of bug fixing, polishing, and refinement before final release - and that early access development is expected to last between 6 and 8 months.

According to Parkasaurus' Steam page, the early access build will enable budding dino keepers to create their own park from scratch, balance budgets and make money, and hire and manage staff. And as for dinosaur rearing, it'll be possible to time travel to collect eggs, hatch and raise those eggs, and create exhibits by adjusting humidity, terrain, and plant composition to best suit each dinosaur's needs. You'll even have to be prepared to deal with any escapees.

When Parkasaurus enters Steam Early Access on September 25th, it'll cost $19.99 (around £15) - and as a huge park management sim fan, I'm eager to see if it manages step up where its recent big budget genre counterparts have rather missed the mark, in much the same way that developer Texel Raptor's glorious Parkitect has done for more traditional theme park sims.

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