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Activision vs. EA lawsuit gathers pace

Trial set for May.

The high-profile lawsuit between video game behemoths Activision and EA can move forward, a Californian Superior Court judge has ruled.

Only one of four claims made by Activision against the Medal of Honor maker was dismissed, according to Bloomberg.

EA had claimed that Activision failed to provide facts to support its allegation that it had intended for sacked Call of Duty creators creators Jason West and Vince Zampella to breach their contracts. Activision insists EA sought confidential information from the pair.

West and Zampella, who are now bosses of Respawn Entertainment, sued Activision because, the pair claimed, they were sacked so Activision could avoid paying them $36 million in royalties made following the gargantuan success of Modern Warfare 2.

Activision hit back with their own suit, before successfully adding EA as a cross-defendant in December on charges of contract interference. Activision wants a whopping $400 million from EA.

It is expected to go to trial in May.

In December last year lawyers and analysts suggested Activision's allegation makes an injunction against Respawn a distinct possibility, and potentially could block the release of any game Vice and Zampella intend to create.