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Activision doing Hong Kong action game

Developer United Front announces it.

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Vancouver-based United Front Games has announced that it is working on an action game set in Hong Kong for Activision.

There are no other details on the game, although the studio's website says it's an officially licensed developer for PS3 and Xbox 360.

General manager Stefan Wessels bigged up his staff's backgrounds at the likes of EA, Radical, Black Box and Rockstar in the press release.

"We have assembled industry talent from around the world, who have worked in senior positions on renowned titles such as the Need for Speed series, SKATE, Bully, Scarface, Godfather, Hulk, spore and the NHL Sports franchise," he said.

The developer is currently hiring for various positions including a multiplayer programmer.

We've contacted Activision to see if it will say anything else on the subject.

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