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Activision cancels NASCAR UK release

UK made game not coming to UK.

NASCAR 2011 will not release in the UK, according to a new report.

It had been down for launch in the US and UK in late March, but will now skip the UK completely, MCV reports.

NASCAR was created by Gateshead developer Eutechnyx. Last month Activision delayed the game from February to 29th March.

"The main reason is we simply wanted more time to polish it and hopefully make it the experience you guys are craving," explained the Ferrari Challenge and SuperCar Challenge maker.

"It's never easy to delay a game as it can cause a lot of disappointment, but we genuinely feel that by doing this you guys will be even happier with the end product.

"Believe me we're all just as desperate to have this game in your hands now and get online and race against you guys. But sometimes more time is needed to get that fantastic end product we want to ship."

NASCAR 2011: The Game is Activision's first attempt at the licence. Eurogamer has requested comment.