NASCAR The Game 2011

Days of blunder.

VideoNascar 2011: The Game dev diary

Eutechnyx pimps features, modes.

VideoNascar The Game 2011 - Infineon lap

Gameplay from the upcoming racer.

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NASCAR The Game 2011

NASCAR The Game 2011

Days of blunder.

Nope, it's not just about turning left. It may be oh-so-amusing to mock the most popular form of motor sport in North America over a pint down The Griffin while in the company of your burly mates it's OK, we've all done it. But to fail to recognise the merits of NASCAR when you're back in the privacy of your living room, as Premier Sports beams live weekend race feeds onto your supersized LCD, would be pushing denial to a level even Freud would have trouble quantifying.

You may not recognise the names, but NASCAR is a fascinating spectacle of race strategy, driving delicacy, tyre pressure and wear management, psychological warfare, set-up proficiency and pure (and absurd) speed not to mention some of the closest, fiercest racing on the planet. And if it's exciting for the fans (few motor sport events are as spectator-focused as NASCAR), it's undeniably thrilling for the drivers.

If you remain unconvinced, NASCAR The Game 2011 will eagerly strap you into a Willans harness and attempt to highlight all of the above firsthand. That's assuming you're prepared to import the region-free PS3 version, as Activision has decided not to go ahead with a European release.

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Activision cancels NASCAR UK release

Activision cancels NASCAR UK release

UK made game not coming to UK.

NASCAR 2011 will not release in the UK, according to a new report.

It had been down for launch in the US and UK in late March, but will now skip the UK completely, MCV reports.

NASCAR was created by Gateshead developer Eutechnyx. Last month Activision delayed the game from February to 29th March.

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