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Acti confirms new Bond game for 2011

But what is it?

A new James Bond game is scheduled for release before the end of the year, Activision has revealed.

No further details were offered during the announcement, which came during an investor call earlier today, other than a vague third or fourth quarter release window.

So, who's behind the new title? The likely suspect is Singularity developer Raven Software which, according to reports back in February, has been developing a mystery Bond title for the past two years.

Development was apparently put on the back-burner in early 2010 so that the studio could help make Call of Duty map packs, though it's thought that the studio upped tools again towards the end of the year.

A new Bond film is also currently shooting, though that's not expected in cinemas until November 2012.

2010 saw the release of two Bond tie-ins. One did solid business – Eurocom's decent GoldenEye reboot on Wii – while the other, Bizarre Creations' Blood Stone, not so much.

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