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Achievements are finally unlocked on Google Stadia

Mobile app users will have to "hang tight!" until next year, though.

A month after its official launch, Google has finally unlocked achievements for its streaming service, Stadia.

"Our achievement system is here," Google revealed on its official Twitter account, "and you will now receive notifications when playing on desktop, laptop, and TV. You can view your full achievement list on web, including all the ones you've earned since you began playing Stadia."

If you picked up Stadia at launch and have been merrily playing away for a few weeks now, Google's been tracking all of your achievements to date, so don't worry - Google assures us you won't have to replay to unlock 'em.

That said, in a Community Update though (thanks, TechRadar), Google rep Grace acknowledged that this was the company's "first version of achievements" and right now, they only work on Chrome browser and Chromecast - mobile app users will have to "hang tight!" for an unspecified time in 2020. The company also promised there was "more in store" for achievements yet to disclosed.

In related news, Google recently sent out Buddy Passes to all Stadia Founders after what's been a rough launch, and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and Borderlands 3 are out now on Stadia.

Both games are available to buy from the Stadia store at full price, although you get a discount on Borderlands 3 if you subscribe to Stadia Pro. There's no mention of cross-play or cross-save for Gearbox's looter shooter. Ghost Recon Breakpoint - which ships with Stream Connect and launched on 18th December - is also available at full price from the store. Sadly, it too does not mention cross-play or cross-save.

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