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Acclaimed top-down racer Art of Rally comes to Xbox and Switch next week

Alongside big free "Kenya" update for all platforms.

Developer Funselektor Labs acclaimed minimalist racer, Art of Rally, will finally be making its way to Switch and Xbox next Thursday, 12th August.

Art of Rally, which initially launched on PC toward the end of last year, delivers a top-down, faintly retro twist on the rally racing formula, sending players careening across low-poly renditions of Finland, Germany, Japan, Norway, and Sardinia as they tackle its 60 rally stages.

It features 61 "iconic" rally cars from the 60s to the 80s, and includes daily and weekly leaderboard challenges, ghost racing, and more alongside its sizeable career mode - all unfolding to the beat of Art of Rally's delicious, 80s-hued synth soundtrack.

Art of Rally - Game Pass, Xbox and Switch Release Date Announcement.Watch on YouTube

Notably, Art of Rally's Switch and Xbox release will be accompanied by the new "Kenya" update on all platforms. It introduces four new cars, two new songs, six challenges set in new locations including Mount Kenya and Lake Victoria, plus a new map (complete with zebras, giraffes, and elephants) enabling players to free-roam beneath the African skies.

Eurogamer's Martin Robinson adored Art of Rally on its PC release, calling it "one brilliantly playable, arrestingly stylish little game" in his Recommended review.

"It's as graceful and poised as Michèle Mouton holding a Quattro S2 at an impossible angle," he wrote, "and as stylish as any driving game I've played. There might be more complex takes... on the discipline out there, but none of them is as quick to get to the appeal of off-roading as this."

Art of Rally will also be joining Game Pass for Xbox, PC, and cloud next Thursday, 12th August, and Funselektor notes the previously announced PlayStation version will arrive "soon after".

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