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Acclaimed perspective puzzler Superliminal is getting an "experimental" battle royale mode

Free update arriving on Steam next week.

Superliminal, the acclaimed perspective puzzler from developer Pillow Castle, is introducing an "experimental" battle-royale-style multiplayer mode in a free update on Steam next week.

In its original, single-player-only guise, Superliminal took players on a brain-flexing first-person journey through the SomnaSculpt dream therapy programme, in which the environment - and objects within it - could gain hitherto unseen properties by manipulating perspective.

A small wooden cube resting on a table might, for instance, be transformed into a much bigger block - perhaps useful as a means to clamber over a nearby wall - if a player dragged it close to their face and dropped it. Conversely, an awkwardly oversized obstacle could be shrunk into insignificance by doing the reverse. There's a lot more to it, of course, and Superliminal builds on its core premise cleverly enough to have earned a Recommended badge back in 2019.

Cover image for YouTube videoSuperliminal: Group Therapy - Free Multiplayer Update
Superliminal: Group Therapy - Free Multiplayer Update.

Starting next week, however, players will be able to engage in some perspective-shifting puzzle malarky in the company of friends, courtesy of Superliminal's "experimental" multiplayer update, titled Group Therapy. Somewhat unexpectedly, Pillow Castle is pitching this multiplayer offering as a "forced-perspective battle royale" mode, in which up to 12 players race through randomly generated puzzle rooms - over 8,743,298,954,000 possible level permutations are promised - in a bid to reach the end first. "Just look for the exit signs," the developer teases, "and watch out for the ducks!"

Character customisation is also included (everyone's a chess piece, just jazzed up to suit their own personal whims), and the mode will remain available "through the holiday season". Quite what will happen to it after that is currently unclear - but here's hoping it'll make its way to other platforms beyond Steam if it's well-received.

Superliminal's free multiplayer update will arrive on Steam next Friday, 5th November, and it'll be accompanied by a 50% discount on the base game until 12th November - bringing the price down to around £7.50/$9.99 USD.