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Abzû developer's gorgeous forest adventure The Pathless is a PlayStation 5 launch title

Annapurna's latest also out on PS4, PC, and iOS.

Abzû developer Giant Squid's gorgeous forest adventure The Pathless will be launching alongside PlayStation 5 on 12th November, and it's coming to PS4, PC, and iOS the same day.

Publisher Annapurna Interactive describes The Pathless as a "mythic adventure game about an archer and an eagle", with players taking control of the former in a bid to thwart the dark curse gripping the beautiful island in which the game unfolds.

"Explore misty forests full of secrets, solve puzzles in ancient ruins, and test your skill in epic battles," it continues, "The bond with your eagle and the fate of the world hang in the balance."

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Giant Squid was founded by Matt Nava, formerly art director on ThatGameCompany's masterful Journey, and, just like Abzû before it, The Pathless' evocative visual style - all stark mountain peaks and mist-shrouded forests - is frequently breathtaking. Abzû's underwater adventure delivered more than pretty visuals, of course, with its engaging puzzling and quietly emotional narrative, so hopefully The Pathless' exploratory open-world action can do the same too.

Alongside its PlayStation 4 and PS5 editions, The Pathless will be available on iOS as part of Apple's Arcade subscription service, and over on PC, sales are restricted to the Epic Games Store. All versions will launch on 12th November.