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UK Charts: EA kicks and punches to the top

GRAW sticks with them.

Electronic Arts continues to enjoy strong success at the top of the UK Charts as FIFA Street 2 "does a Fulham" and holds on to a slim lead its over big-hitting rival. EA is unlikely to mind about the competition in any case, since its big-hitting rival is one Fight Night Round 3 - the latest from EA Chicago.

That's bad news for Ubisoft, whose Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter (last week's number two) now sits in third in the All-Formats, although it remains the best-selling game on Xbox 360.

Sony, meanwhile, enjoys a double-taste of life in the top ten - its pairing of Buzz! The Big Quiz and 24: The Game back to back in fourth and fifth spots, and both developed by UK studios too.

In fact it's really quite a good week for UK studios in the top ten, with Criterion's Black hanging on at six while the Xbox 360 version of its arcade racing title Burnout: Revenge puts that game back in at number nine.

There's also room for Newcastle-based Reflections' Driver: Parallel Lines debuting on PS2 (Xbox next week) at number eight, and Codemasters' TOCA Race Driver 3 rounding out the top ten.

Other new additions to the all-prices top 40 include THQ's Xbox 360 World War II title The Outfit, despite middling reviews, Eidos' Commandos: Strike Force, Sonic Riders from Sega (also the best-selling Cube game of the week), and Capcom's PS2 slasher Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams.

Next week should see a change at the top one way or the other - with likely high entries for hugely anticipated Xbox 360/PC title The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and EA's long-awaited The Godfather, which is being heavily trailed at the moment.