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UK Charts: FIFA Street's ahead

FIFA Street 2 becomes EA's third number one debut of the year.

A fleeting glance at the all-formats top ten this week reads more like a product catalogue for Electronic Arts, the US giant utterly dominating the charts with three new entries in the top five and a total of seven titles in the top ten.

Last week's number one, highly acclaimed shooter Black, is knocked from the top by EA's own FIFA Street 2 - its third number one debut of the year. The Sims 2: Open for Business debuts in third place, with Codemasters' TOCA Race Driver 3 forming the last bastion of hope for other publishers despite being pushed down two places from second to fourth place.

Another new entry for EA sits in fifth position - Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle Earth II - whilst long-time chart topper Need for Speed: Most Wanted drops three places from third to sixth.

The second FIFA and Sims titles in the top ten each sink one place, securing seventh and eighth place respectively and Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer 5 also drops one place to nestle in at number nine. LucasArts' Star Wars: Empire at War drops five places from five to ten, completing the almost entirely one-sided all-formats line-up this week.

Positive sales for Activision's mid priced title, World Series of Poker results in a debut at sixteen, closely followed by the massively multiplayer online game Dungeons and Dragons Online: Stormreach from Codemasters, which makes its chart debut at number 18.

New releases this week include Sony's cult TV tie-in, 24, and the hotly tipped Xbox 360 title Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter from Ubisoft. It's unlikely to make any significant impact on EA's arsenal of multi-format titles though, and we could well see a high chart debut for the company's latest iteration of its popular boxing series, with the multi-format and next-gen launch of Fight Night Round 3.

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