FIFA Street 2

Electronic Arts continues to enjoy strong success at the top of the UK Charts as FIFA Street 2 "does a Fulham" and holds on to a slim lead its over big-hitting rival. EA is unlikely to mind about the competition in any case, since its big-hitting rival is one Fight Night Round 3 - the latest from EA Chicago.

UK Charts: Streets too tough for GRAW

Strong single-format debut unable to shift EA's soccer sim.

Electronic Arts continues to dominate the UK's All Formats Entertainment Charts this week, with seven titles clogging up the top ten, barely leaving room for rival publishers Ubisoft, Codemasters and Konami to steal a little glory.

UK Charts: FIFA Street's ahead

FIFA Street 2 becomes EA's third number one debut of the year.

A fleeting glance at the all-formats top ten this week reads more like a product catalogue for Electronic Arts, the US giant utterly dominating the charts with three new entries in the top five and a total of seven titles in the top ten.

FIFA Street 2

FIFA Street 2

Urban reign?

Rarely have critics united so biliously against a game brand as FIFA Street. Admitting that you thought last year's debut was a lot of fun earned you the sort of incredulous looks that were once reserved for Abba fans during the height of late '70s punk. But despite every critic in the entire world (except, um, me - don't hurt me!) deriding it as a 'disgraceful load of old toss' it still topped the charts and sold an absolute stack. Surely it couldn't have been that bad?

The over-emphasis on gratuitous trickery over actual football annoyed many, but the real deal-breaker was the presence of one of the most horrifyingly misguided soundtracks you could imagine. Evidently EA realised its greatest ever error and put a lot of things right for the inevitable sequel, but at the same time managed to break a lot of the simple pleasures along the way.

Things have changed so much, in fact, and mostly for the better. Both the look and the feel of FIFA Street 2 couldn't be more different from the original, but in wiping the slate clean EA has made the game an incredible pain in the arse to get into for the first few hours.

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