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3DS eShop not launching until May

Iwata clears up confusion.

Last week a Nintendo UK spokesperson informed Eurogamer that the 3DS's eShop would go live on launch day, courtesy of a system update.

However, CEO Satoru Iwata has now cruelly over-ruled that claim, announcing that the patch won't hit until May.

Speaking at an investor call in Japan last night, the Nintendo boss explained, "The first system update is scheduled for late May, at almost the same time around the world."

That update will add the eShop, a web browser and a function that allows you to transfer DSiWare purchases over from your old handheld.

As previously detailed, the eShop will stock its virtual shelves with a (hopefully) tempting array of vintage Game Boy classics, DSiWare, new 3DS digital titles, demos and trailers.

Iwata offered no explanation as to why the new console – which arrives in Europe on 25th March - will be launching without these key features.