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3DS eStore will be ready on day one

Nintendo debunks rumoured delay.

Contrary to speculation, the 3DS's digital download store and internet browser will be up and running from launch, Nintendo has confirmed.

A Wired report earlier this week claimed that the new handheld's eStore would not be ready on the day of release and would be added in later via a firmware update.

However, a spokesperson for Nintendo told Eurogamer today that although neither an internet browser nor the eStore would be included in the console's "initial firmware" they will be "updated on day one".

The eStore is where you'll be able to download DSiWare titles, retro Game Boy classics, game demos, trailers and new digital titles made exclusively for the 3DS.

Nintendo hasn't confirmed a full line-up for the portable's Virtual Console equivalent, however, screenshots indicate that Super Mario Land and Zelda: Link's Awakening will both be available at some point.

The Nintendo 3DS launches across Europe on 25th March.