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2K to unveil new Spec Ops in December?

In development at 2K Boston, says report.

According to multiple internets, 2K is set to reveal a new instalment in the Spec Ops series during the Spike Video Game Awards in December.

What's more, IGN reports that the game is in development at Ken Levine's outfit, 2K Boston.

Is it the game the man himself has described as "substantially more ambitious than BioShock"?

A brief teaser trailer suggests it's set in Dubai, what with the pictures of a sandstorm sweeping through Dubai and the voiceover, which says: "Attempted evacuation of Dubai resulted in complete failure. The convoy stalled, trapped in the storm, 18 klicks out of Dubai. Death toll... too many."

A longer version of the trailer was apparently posted on Adland.tv in August, but has been removed this weekend after everyone found it and started embedding it.

The original Spec Ops games appeared on PC, PlayStation and Dreamcast between 1998 and 2002. Having begun strongly (says Wikipedia - we were all asleep at the time), the series tailed off into budget shootery.

Presumably we'll find out a bit more about what 2K's revamp has to offer at the VGAs on 12th December.