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15 years on, Runescape now has a new graphics engine

Comparison video conjured up.

Aging online adventure Runescape has been revamped with a fresh look, thanks to a new visual engine.

15 years after it first launched, Runescape is now ditching its old Java origins to move onto a new framework, NXT.

There are visual advantages to the switchover, but developer Jagex has also said this will future-proof the MMO for the years to come.

There's still more to do in terms of improving the game's visuals - that much is clear, even in the 'after' shots below - but this update will lay the groundwork for further updates with higher resolution textures and improved lighting.

As it is, the NXT engine now provides extended draw distance, among other improvements. See them for yourself in the video below:

Cover image for YouTube videoRuneScape - NXT (New Game Client) trailer