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The first half of the game tipped.

Marty Williams

When he's not on the Jerry Stringer show, Marty is running a grubby little business empire from the comfort of his trailer park home. He lives with his long-suffering wife and baby daughter in Little Havana - the 'Mw' symbol marks his location on the map.

Like Phil, Marty has a problem with the Cholos crapping all over his turf. And just like Phil, he wants you to do all the dirty work. Pick up Marty from his trailer and take him to one of the shops within his protection racket. There are two Cholos outside when you arrive - get out of the truck and gun them down - a standard pistol is all you need. Step inside the shop and kill two more, then get back in the truck and drive to the second shop. Go inside, grab the baseball bat and use it to smash up the shop. After a short while, three Cholo boys will run into the store and open fire. Switch to your pistol and gun them down - at this stage of the game they fall like dominos. When they're all dead the mission is complete. Head back to Marty's trailer for your second job.

Fear the Repo
In addition to his community protection plans, Marty also operates a repo business. He wants you to reclaim some cars, the first being a sporty model parked up near your Vicepoint safehouse. As you drive it to the lockup, you'll be rammed by a truck. Shake it off using your speed advantage then head back out and locate the second car. This car is moving, so just pull up in front of it to make it stop - the despairing driver puts up no resistance - then take it back to the lockup. Again, watch out for the Cholos in the truck. Your next job is to intercept a delivery van that's parked up outside a club in Little Havana. Run over the unlucky pair guarding the van then jump behind the wheel and drive it back to the garage. By this point you will have earned a couple of wanted stars, so you'll need to make a quick detour to the Pay 'n' Spray. The mission is over when you deliver the van to Marty. His wife Louise will now contact you, opening up her mission strand. But for now let's deal with Marty's demands.


One day soon all this will be yours my friend.

Waking up the Neighbours
The Cholos are looking to help themselves to a slice of Marty's repo business. He wants you to send them a message by thrashing their fleet of delivery vans. However, you've got just six hours of game time to destroy three Cholo vans before they leave for work in the morning. Grab the grenades and take to the road. The vans are marked as red dots on the map, and each one is being watched by a couple of Cholo guards. In each case, run over the guards first then get out and throw a grenade at the van. The distance thrown depends on how long you keep your finger on the button, making it difficult to judge your shot. The easiest method is to stand a few metres away from the van, tap the throw button then immediately run in the opposite direction to avoid the blast. This ensures a guaranteed hit. Things get interesting once you've destroyed the second van as Cholo gang members will chase you in cars and the cops stick their oar in too. Shake off your pursuers by darting down alleyways and swerving through traffic. Luckily, the heat will cool instantly when the third and final van explodes.

Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?
Marty is looking to develop his business empire and wants you to claim a Cholo-operated whorehouse. Get in the truck and head to Stonewall J's where Marty has reserved a shotgun for you. Take the boom-stick and initiate your hostile takeover bid by destroying the car parked outside. If you've still got some grenades then great, otherwise blast the front of the car with the shotgun until it explodes. This raises more than a little hell, with Cholos pouring onto the scene. Don't try to shoot them all - instead, get back in the truck and run them down one by one. When you're done killing, go inside and smash the place up. Job done.

Got Protection?
Some Cholo boys have been threatening Marty's girls - it's time to teach them some respect. When you reach the brothel a cut-scene plays in which a Cholo car drives by and the occupants rather rudely destroy your vehicle. They're out for blood, so you need to quickly find a four-seat vehicle and pick up Marty's women. Each girl is being watched by two Cholos - run them over as usual and wait while the girl climbs into the car. As you attempt to pick up the other girls, Cholos will chase after you and open fire. Your passengers will return fire - chicks with guns! - but the onus is on you to shake them off. Return the three girls to the brothel to complete the mission. Phil's icon now reappears on the map so you can tackle his Marked Men mission.

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