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The first half of the game tipped.

Phil Cassidy

Phil drifts through the GTA series like the smell of his own bootlegged liquor. In Vice City circa 1984 he's working for Martinez while brewing his lethal 'boomshine' drink on the side. He can always be found at his hillbilly gun club down in Viceport - look for the 'P' symbol on the map.

Cholo Victory
It appears that evicting the Cholos from the apartment was just the first step. The Mexicans are trying to seize control of the gun trade and Phil's grip is slipping. It's time to take the power back. Drive Phil to the police station, then to the hospital. You'll see a single Cholo scarper, so chase after him and pull up alongside his vehicle. Even in his boozed-up state, Phil is a decent shot and it won't take long for the Cholo car to start smoking. You can speed things up by ramming into the car and sandwiching it against a wall. When the car ignites, the Cholo will get out and try to open fire, only to be killed immediately in the explosion. Clever boy. Take his sub-machinegun then stop by the local Pay 'n' Spray garage to get Phil's truck fixed up. Finally, drop your boss off at the gun club and claim your cash reward. After completing this mission, Phil gets in touch to tell you that his sister's husband, Marty Williams, is looking for a good guy to work with. This opens Marty's strand, but we recommend you complete Phil's missions first.

Boomshine Blowout
The Cholos aren't about to back down without a fight - they're planning to blow Phil's boomshine warehouse all the way Tennessee. Drive Phil to the depot and park around the back. A cut-scene plays in which Phil attempts to open the door and sets off an explosion. You've now got to get the crates of the highly volatile boomshine out of the building before the heat gets too intense. Jump in the forklift truck and transport four crates (marked with the green arrows) to the back of Phil's truck. It looks straightforward enough, but with each successive crate you retrieve, more of the warehouse roof collapses and blocks the most direct routes. As a result, you'll have to venture deeper into the building to reach the crates. Manoeuvring the forklift takes some getting used to, especially in tight spaces, so you may require three or four attempts to crack it. The mission is complete when you load the fourth crate.


Life's a beach away from the city streets.

Truck Stop
Sergeant Martinez drops by the gun club and convinces Phil to appropriate a truck travelling through Little Haiti. Get behind the wheel and pick up a couple of gun-toting crazies from the Beachcomber Hotel, then use the radar to track down the target vehicle. There are four Cholo boys riding on the back of the truck and they'll open fire as you approach. Get up close and let your passengers pepper the guards with gunfire. When they're all dead, Phil will jump into the truck and drive it down to the docks. The fun is not over however as a couple of Cholos cars will attempt to ram the truck off the road. Hit these cars hard from behind to spin them out, or if you have a sub-machinegun, pull alongside and open fire. The mission is complete when Phil successfully reaches Viceport. Before you can tackle Phil's final mission you must finish the Marty Williams' strand, so skip to that section now.

Marked Men
Having completed Marty Williams' last mission (Got Protection?), Phil's symbol will reappear on the map. Drive down to the docks and you'll be reacquainted with Martinez. The shady sergeant wants the pair of you to investigate a stash of weapons. However, when you arrive at the warehouse, you realise that Martinez actually wants the pair of you dead. A gang opens fire as soon as you arrive, threatening the ignite the boomshine on the back of Phil's truck... Tennessee, here we come. A good method is to take off on foot to draw fire away from the truck, but it's easier to hit the gas and splatter the guards beneath your tires. The truck will take some heavy hits, but you can stop off at the Pay 'n' Spray to repair and damage before returning to Viceport. This is the last of Phil's missions. Louise will now page you with some news about Marty, unlocking the D.I.V.O.R.C.E. mission.

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