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The first half of the game tipped.

Louise Cassidy-Williams

Having walked out on Marty, Louise is holed up in her sister's apartment. She initially contacts Vic for a little fun, but things soon turn ugly when the good ol' boys come knocking. She can be found on the main highway in Little Haiti - an 'Lw' symbol marks the spot.

When Funday Comes
In an effort to cheer her up, Vic takes Louise to a quad bike race at the trailer park. It sounds like a laugh, but this checkpoint race will really test your driving skills. You compete against three other racers over two short laps and you must finish first to complete the mission. The key is to control your speed. If you go flat out then you'll flip the quad and almost certainly fail the race. You must take corners with extra care as the quad drifts wide on the grassy surface. Where possible avoid contact with other racers as you'll usually come worse off. Note that killing fellow competitors results in an instant fail. Unsporting behaviour presumably.

Takin' Out the White Trash
Louise wants you to stop by the trailer and grab some of her baby's clothes. When you arrive, a gang of bearded bushwhackers surrounds you and claim you cheated to win the quad race. If you still have the shotgun Marty bought for you earlier then this mission is a walk in the trailer park. Just stand your ground and drop them one by one. If you only have a pistol or sub-machinegun you'll need to move and fire, move and fire. When they're all lying in the dust, take Louise back to her sister's place. You will be tailed by Marty's men but it's only a short journey so they're unlikely to trouble you. If you've not yet completed Phil's Marked Men mission you'll now need to tackle that before continuing with Louise's strand.

Marty has made true on his threats and is about to put Louise out on the game. It's up to you to rescue her from a life of vice. This mission involves stopping a moving vehicle, which is much easier when you're on a motorbike as you can shoot straight ahead. Find a bike (a Streetfighter or Sanchez will do nicely) then stop by Stonewall J's and grab a sub-machinegun. Drive to the trailer park and kill the two rednecks before getting back on your bike and chasing after Marty and Louise. Get close to the bumper and shoot the car until Marty loses control and bails out. He's appropriately pissed, but his shotgun lacks range, so drive down the road and pick him off from a safe distance. When he's dead, grab his shotgun and drive the truck to the compound marked on the map. This now acts as your new safehouse.


The Cholo boys just don't know when to quit.

To Victor, the Spoils
With Marty rubbed out of the picture, Louise suggests that you seize control of his business. Drive to Sunshine Autos (it's just west of the trailer park) and hire a couple of henchmen, then drive the four of you to Marty's loan shark outfit down in Viceport. Gun down all the guys guarding the office, then pick up the ammo they drop and get back in the car. Next on the list is the protection racket operating out of Little Havana. This is more heavily guarded, so start by running over as many enemies as you can. You can then get out and gun down those who try to attack. To finish the mission, step into the building and finish off the two guards cowering inside. The brothel, loan shark company and protection racket are now all part of your growing business empire. You can develop the site by completing empire-specific missions, but for now let's continue with the main story missions. Your brother Lance pages you from the airport - go and pick him up to begin his Jive Drive mission.

Hose the Hoes
Having completed Umberto Robina's Havana Good Time mission, Louise will call you in a panic. The brothel in Little Haiti is ablaze and some of your girls are trapped inside. Go and commandeer the fire-truck marked on the map and quickly drive to the brothel (for added schoolboy excitement, press down on the d-pad for some woooh-woooh siren noises). When you arrive, position the engine in front of the building and use the water cannon to extinguish the cars parked outside (if you don't they'll soon explode, making the fire more fierce). You can now concentrate the water cannon on the roof of the building. Blast the water at each of the pink arrows until they all disappear. When the fire is out, you see the arsonist escape on foot - Louise tells you that it's one of Marty's retarded relatives. Chase him onto the nearby rooftop and gun him down to complete the mission.

Robbing the Cradle
A guy from the welfare service has threatened to take Louise's baby Mary-Beth into care, but rather than call on you for help, she's hired a couple of heavies to execute him. To prevent the situation from spiralling out of control, you need to stop the hit taking place. Find a motorbike and intercept the red dot on the map. Get up close and shoot the vehicle until the two heavies jump out. Shoot them both, then chase after the welfare man. As before, shoot his car until he gets out and flees on foot, promising to rip up the report on Mary-Beth. Problem solved. This is the last of Louise's missions, so you can go and see how well Lance is adapting to city life.

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