Trion/Syfy MMO to link to TV series

Players' actions to influence TV plots.

Trion's collaboration with the Syfy television channel (nee Sci-Fi) will produce the most "groundbreaking" game the publisher says it has.

Trion San Diego is developing, and will build an action MMO based on a new IP. Syfy, for its part, will create an accompanying television show.

The content of both will converge and appear simultaneously. Interestingly, this presents opportunities for crossover, which means players' actions in the game may impact what happens on telly. Blimey.

"In this revolutionary connected title, players' actions will influence the course of the show, and events occurring in the show will have consequences in the game," said the MMO publisher.

There's no solid date on this project nor any media to base a first impression on. For now it's just talk, as it was back in 2008.

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