New Battlefield 2 patch out

Say hello to version 1.2.

EA has released a new patch for tip top PC shooter Battlefield 2 - and it's now available for download via Eurofiles.

The patch features all manner of bug fixes and gameplay tweaks - you can no longer dolphin dive or jump and shoot at the same time, for example, and hit points on all air vehicles have been reduced.

Helicopters carry eight missiles instead of 14, TV-guided missiles have a shorter range, and you can no longer destroy mines with other explosives. There have been adjustments to all sniper rifles and loads of other weapons, including the Sa80, G3A3 and M134. You can now reload while sprinting, and medics will be pleased to hear that their defibrillator paddles will reload while not in use.

Other new features include a ranks expansion which means you can now rank up to General. Plus, UAVs will now be visible within the detection radius, and you'll be able to shoot them down and put an end to their antics.

Battlefield 2 is out now.

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