Darksiders PC release pushed back

From June to September.

THQ's UK office has confirmed a delay for the PC version of action-adventure Darksiders. Previously scheduled for June, which THQ has presumably noticed is just about over, it's now due for release on 24th September.

Since the word comes from the UK and 24th September is a Friday, the usual day of the week for European releases, we assume this new date applies to Europe. There's no official word on when North America can expect to see the game yet.

The PC Darksiders will be available in a "Hell Book" edition including a comic book and art cards by artist and Vigil Studios boss Joe Madueira, and a soundtrack CD.

THQ is planning a sequel to the game to be released next year. Darksiders was released on Xbox 360 and PS3 back in January and scored 8/10 for its chunky art solid gameplay foundations.

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