Dante's Inferno getting co-op, toolset

In Trials of St. Lucia DLC this April.

Dante's Inferno is out on Friday and Visceral Games is already blabbing about downloadable expansions.

On 29th April we'll be treated to Trials of St. Lucia, an add-on that introduces both online co-op and user created content.

Online co-op features St. Lucia herself as a playable character. She's Dante's guardian angel and is apparently regarded as a Christian martyr for plucking her eyes out rather than marrying her pagan suitor. That's what Visceral's Hans ten Cate and Jonathan Knight said in a video on YouTube, anyway.

User created content means making trials for your fellow players. You'll be able to select arenas, monsters and modes and stuff them into a challenging romp that can be downloaded by all from a central server.

They then rate the experience, placing you somewhere on a leaderboard. Scaling that, and collecting silver to spend on new toys to populate trials with, will provide a meta-game.

Our Dante's Inferno review will be with you very soon.

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