See Overwatch's dramatic new eSports spectating changes in action

Uniformly lovely.

Late last month Jeff Kaplan announced big changes to how we watch Overwatch eSports, which can be a messy and confusing viewing experience.

He talked about team uniforms, instant replays and an overhaul to the spectator user interface, but the to-camera developer diary showed no gameplay examples. Overnight, however, a new video demonstrating the changes was aired.

The new team uniforms - the London team's Spitfire theme was revealed yesterday - go beyond matching wardrobes: they even affect the colour of your team's abilities, so the Hanzo dragons and D. Va bombs, for example, are easily identifiable too.

The instant replay feature looks brilliant. Let's say you're spectating one player and then you notice a huge killfeed moment elsewhere, with instant replay you can pause and then roam around the area of effect and see how it played out.

Another notable improvement is a top-down map view, where players are reduced to disc icons, so you can see at a glance what's going on everywhere at once.

These new eSports features should be in effect at BlizzCon for the World Cup this weekend. Join us tomorrow evening for the opening ceremony and an expected new World of Warcraft expansion announcement, plus whatever Kaplan and team have up their Overwatch sleeves.

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