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London's Overwatch team picks Spitfire logo to honour "spirit of bravery under fire"

That'll mei-ke them proud.

London's Overwatch League team has been named London Spitfire, "in homage to The Few who flew the Spitfire warplane against London's enemies during in 1940s".

"The Supermarine Spitfire was the name of a British fighter plane that was flown in the Royal Air Force, most famously during the Battle of Britain in World War 2," Blizzard's website states. "It is this spirit of bravery under fire that imbues the team's identity."

Cloud9, which owns London Spitfire and is a global esports organisation, also revealed the team's logo, a spitfire aircraft of course.

The RAF reference and blue of the logo is also a nod to Overwatch's fictional Royal Air Force Pilot, Lena "Tracer" Oxton.

"It is this spirit of bravery under fire that imbues the team's identity," Blizzard concluded. But of course, the fire the team will be under is more likely to be from defending the objective point against frustrating Meis than valiantly fighting off the Luftwaffe.

London Spitfire is one of 12 city-based teams from around the world competing in the official Overwatch league and the only European team on the roster.

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