Destiny The Dawning event - Quests, Treasures of the Dawning loot contents and what else is new in the 2016 event

Here's what you can expect in the December to January seasonal event.

Destiny The Dawning is this year's Christmas holiday event that incorporates and expands upon SRL - or the Sparrow Racing League - as well as other new modes and features.

Not only is SRL returning with new courses, Sparrows and gear to collect, but The Dawning introduces the new 'Vanguard Elite' Strike Scoring mode, themed mystery boxes, new Exotics, quests and more.

As with other Destiny seasonal events, while the rewards and consumables available are exclusive to the event and Quests requiring their use to complete, it (should!) all be cosmetic in nature, ensuring that anything purchased with Silver (bought with real-world funds) will not give paying players a real world advantage. Thankfully, there is plenty for non-paying players to dig into too.

Destiny The Dawning - What does it feature?

The Destiny The Dawning event runs for two weeks, starting Tuesday, December 13 until Tuesday, January 3, and features a number of components, making it the biggest update to the game since Rise of Iron launched back in September:

Sparrow Racing League: The racing event will return with four tracks - two new, two returning from last year - and will live on in Destiny Private Matches when The Dawning is over. Each race will reward up to maximum Light-level gear and weapons, and as well as quests and bounties from Amanda Holliday, you can earn ranks with loot drops along the way.

Vanguard Elite Strike Scoring: This new feature will score you for killing enemies throughout SIVA Strike playlists and the weekly Nightfall Strike, and complete Bounties along the way. The score is shared as a team; streaks earn you more points, and higher scores earn a bronze, silver or gold medal rewarded at the end.


Get points for killing different enemies and earning streaks.

Revamped Strikes: As with The Taken King and Rise of Iron before it, The Dawning revamps several Strikes - The Nexus, The Will of Crota and The Shadow Thief - with new enemies, challenges and loot drops, just in time for Strike Scoring.

New Record Book: Just as you got your head around the Rise of Iron's Record Book, another comes along for The Dawning. The Competitive Spirit book is free for all Rise of Iron players, and offers challenges for both Sparrow Racing League and Strike Scoring - from hitting par times and high scores to completing a certain amount of Bounties - giving you something to aim for over the three week period. But if you don't finish it, it'll stick around once the event is over, too.

New Mystery Boxes and loot: As with other seasonal events, there will be new Sparrows, emotes, consumables such as shaders and emblems, and Treasures of the Lost mystery boxes available as rewards for finishing certain quests and for purchase from the game's vendor Tess Evris with Silver, the game's currency (which is purchased with real-world cash). We have more details about where to get free Boxes, as well as their contents, later in the article.

Players can also open free gifts in the Tower every day, located behind the Bounty board in the main opening area. These small presents consist of Motes of Light and planetary materials - at least based on the event's opening days - but are worth picking up for free goodies.


The smaller gifts replenish each day, while the biggies require Tags from the Competitive Spirit book to open.

Meanwhile - as with Festival of the Lost - there is a hidden Sparrow to find - the Lysander's Cry by locating a Bannerfall Ghost and searching the Tower.

New Exotics, Gear and Ornaments: Year 1 favourite Icebreaker will return as part of The Dawning, alongside new void and solar versions of Arc machine gun Thunderlord (named Nova Mortis and Abaddon respectively). Meanwhile, expect new Ornaments for Black Spindle, Icebreaker, Last Word, Red Death and Thorn.


Icebreaker is back for Year 3.

Smaller tweaks: Alongside all of the above, a patch will increase Skeleton Key drops (including a guaranteed drop from the first Nightfall run) and add new Skeleton Key loot; from level 40, all green Engrams to automatically be exchanged into materials; and new Ornaments to be sold from a vendor instead of from Xur each week.

Tower makeover: Finally, as with other events, there's a new festive makeover for the Tower.


How the Tower appears during The Dawning. Enjoy the snow!

Treasures of the Dawning loot contents and free drops

Treasures of the Dawning is The Dawning's event-specific loot box, filled with cosmetic items such as Sparrows, Ornaments, Horns, consumables and armour.

Unlike Festival of the Lost, which only gave away one as part of a questline, this time there are many places you can pick up boxes for free. Here's where you can get free Treasures of the Dawning boxes from:

  • Reaching Rank 5 in Sparrow Racing League (one per character, maximum three per account)
  • Completing a match in the SIVA Heroic Strike playlist (one drop per week)
  • Using Amanda's Tag after reaching Rank 5 in the Competitive Spirit book
  • Purchased for 200 Silver at Tess Everis

The range of loot available in each box is quite diverse, with a range of guaranteed and possible drops. Note that if you complete one of the Dawning sets (Scarlight or Snow Angel) on one class, you'll receive a bonus EV-53 Glimmergold' Sparrow and the 'Sunglow' Shader.

Guaranteed drop (one of the following):

  • Scarlight gear (Helmet, Chest, Gauntlets or Legs)
  • EV-44 Firefly (Sparrow)
  • EV-45 Bitfire (Sparrow)
  • EV-46 Bitstorm (Sparrow)
  • EV-48 King's Touch (Sparrow)
  • EV-49 Phantasm (Sparrow)
  • EV-50 Mirage (Sparrow)
  • EV-51 Sunstroke (Sparrow)
  • EV-52 Lavabird (Sparrow)
  • E-47 Prismatica (Sparrow)
  • Dunemaker (Icebreaker Ornament)
  • Nanochance (Icebreaker Ornament)
  • Ragabone (Black Spindle Ornament)
  • Cold Between Stars (Black Spindle Ornament)
  • Sequel (Last Word Ornament)
  • Addendum (Last Word Ornament)
  • Rose of Acid (Thorn Ornament)
  • Rose of Corruption (Thorn Ornament)
  • White Witch (Red Death Ornament)
  • Steel Witch (Red Death Ornament)

The EV-44 Firefly.

Possible drops:

  • Snow Angel gear (Helmet, Chest, Gauntlets or Legs)
  • Snow cloak (Class dependant)
  • Snow Dreg (Consumable)
  • Felwinter Souvenir (Consumable)
  • Chroma (Red, Blue, Yellow, White, Orange, Magenta, Green)
  • Horns (Remix, Campfire, Whistle, Dramatic, Bellow, Frame, House, Alarm, Bell, Noisy, Sparkle)
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Destiny The Dawning - Quests

Alongside the above new features and a Record Book, there will be new quests to complete. They're much closer to what we saw in Festival of the Lost than major expansions The Taken King and Rise of Iron, with simple objectives to help guide you through various activities than anything story driven, but they do a good job at pointing you in the direction of the event's new features.

Visit Eva Levante, Amanda Holliday and Commander Zavala to start their The Dawning quest lines.

Eva Levante quests (known so far):

In the Presents of Friends Open Eva's gifts in the "upper plaza" (the area behind the Bounty board, and before where the Iron Banner area used to be). Then, give the items to the Vanguard members on the long table downstairs. No reward

Commander Zavala quests (known so far):

Variations on a Theme Complete revamped Strikes 'The Shadow Thief', 'The Nexus' (this week's Nightfall) and 'The Will of Crota', either from the director, Strike playlist or Nightfall Skeleton Key
Vanguard Elite Complete a Vanguard Weekly Elite bounty in any Rise of Iron Strike playlist. These bounties are available from Commander Zavala. Nightfall is the fastest (finish within par time and you should get gold) or get three gold medals from any Strike playlist. Vanguard and Faction rep; White Tiger shader

Amanda Holliday quests (known so far):

Sparrow Racing C Class Earn your SRL Class C license by finishing five SRL races in any position Unlock Class B quest, Speed Kills quest
Sparrow Racing B Class Earn your SRL Class B licence by hitting 60 gates in one race, and gates overall (percentage) Unlock Class A licence quest
Sparrow Racing A Class Earn your SRL Class A licence by finishing in the top 3 (10 times), hit 15 consecutive gates Circuit Chestplate
Sparrow Racing S Class Earn your SRL Class S licence by finishing first (3 times), and finishing without destruction (3 times) Circuit Runner helmet, Winner's Circle Emblem (same one as 2015 S Class completion)
Speed Kills Kill Fallen and Devil Splicers in the Plaguelands (percentage), then Defeat Champions in the Challenge of the Elders, then Complete 'Fear's Embrace' and 'Outbound Signal' before time runs out S-41 Poison Apple (Sparrow)

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