Free Star Wars Battlefront March content drop arrives

New map, new Mission.

A free content drop has landed for Star Wars Battlefront. It's dubbed the March Update and is rolling out now on all platforms.

In the update are a new single-player/co-op Mission and a new multiplayer map.

The new Survival Mission is the Rebel Depot on Tatooine, and the new map is Survivors of Endor, which is available in Walker Assault, Supremacy and Turning Point game modes.

EA noted the update's arrival on the game's forum, but had nothing further to add about it.

Do not confuse this update with the Outer Rim paid DLC that's arriving some time in March. In that DLC are new heroes - Greedo and Nien Nunb - new maps, new weapons and a new mode.

There's a thread about the new content on NeoGAF and some screenshots of it (taken by GummyGummyGumdrops and posted to Imgur). I'll add a couple of pictures below.


The new Endor map, which is apparently more open than the current Endor map.


Oh no the trees are on fire!

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