GAME now selling Vita game download codes

Prices affected by trade-ins, Reward points.

Big old UK gaming chain GAME will start selling Vita full-game download codes from tomorrow, Friday 25th July.

The game codes will cost from 3.99 and include those for Killzone: Liberation, Crash Bandicoot, Destruction Derby, Limbo and Uncharted: Golden Abyss. You redeem the code at the PS Store and, hey presto, away you go (to do something else while the game downloads).

There will be 20 new and 'classic' PlayStation titles available to begin with at GAME.

What's the point? Being able to modify - lower - game prices with your trade-in credit and Reward points stored in your GAME Wallet. You can buy the Vita codes online or in shops.


But GAME is not selling Vita cakes and I do not know why.

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