Watch Dogs - They Can't Hide, profiling people, access bank accounts, potential crimes

We'll show you how to make some easy money in Watch Dogs, find the would-be perpetrator, then eliminate him without losing experience.

You can make a fair bit of cash by hacking the bank details of innocent pedestrians, then siphoning off their hard-earned cash form the nearest ATM - nice work if you can get it. We'll show you how to listen in on other people's business, gain important intelligence on potential crimes, and track down one particularly nasty ne'er-do-well.

They Can't Hide

- Go to sleep

You can't proceed the story until you've had a good night's kip, but do have a look around your hide-out before doing so. You can find some electronic parts on the table by the bed, as well as a hackable system key next to your PC. You can also play around with the laptop if you want to listen to some audio files. As soon as you've finished, go to bed and sleep, setting your alarm for the morning - this is 6am by default.

- Exit your motel room

- Profile people for potential crimes near your hideout

Leave the hideout, then examine all of the people you find loitering around outside the motel. It's worth interacting with every person you come across, as you'll gain access to bank accounts and useful private conversations if you do. If you head around to the right of the stairs, you'll find a shady person chatting on their mobile phone. This is the person you need to listen to to advance the story.

- Investigate the potential crime area

- Watch for criminal behaviour

Jump in one of the vehicles in the parking lot and then make your way to the waypoint marker on your mini-map. When you reach the objective, park around the rear of the building to locate the criminal. Don't get spotted by this delinquent, and don't forget that you can use the security cameras to monitor his movements too. Just keep watching this character until the marker turns red and you get a new call to action.

Run to this person as quickly as possible, and deliver a brisk takedown before he can get away from you. Try to avoid killing him with a gun, as you'll lose some precious points if you opt to shoot him dead.

You'll get a phone call shortly afterwards, and the Big Brother marker will appear on your mini-map after you've hung up. Add a GPS waypoint marker to your map, jump in your car, and make your way over to this new objective. Simply leave the car and walk into the mission marker to begin the next mission.

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