Watch Dogs - Big Brother, city hacking, caller location, GPS, phone hack

Use our guide to hacking the city itself if you want to stop Nicky's malicious caller in style. We'll also help you bag more experience points.

Big Brother isn't the longest mission in the game, but it will introduce you to the delights of tinkering with the city itself in order to irritate errant citizens. It's important that you don't shoot people unnecessarily, however, as you'll lose experience points for doing so. We'll show you how to walk away with all the goodies in this early mission.

Big Brother

- Join the party in the backyard

- Head inside Nicky's home

- Listen in on Nicky's phone

Hack the gate in front of you to open it, then make your way to the next waypoint marker - it's the house ahead of you and to the left. Go around the right-hand side of the house to access the garden and trigger a cut-scene. Once it's finished, go upstairs and enter the house and talk to Nicky. Once she's taken her phone call, hack into the phone to listen in on what's being said.

- Take down the suspect

- Hack the caller's phone for answers

Your task now is to take on the person making the malicious call. Head to the waypoint indicated on your map, using a GPS route if necessary. Once you approach the caller, he'll jump into a car and try to escape. Grab any nearby car and tail him as closely as possible. During the chase, you'll be able to hack traffic lights and blockades that will cripple his vehicle. As long as you stay close enough to your victim, your hacking exploits will work fine.

The caller will flee from the car once you've disabled it, so get ready to leap out and start chasing him on foot. You can shoot him from range if you want to, although you'll lose experience points by doing so. Better instead to keep running after him as he'll eventually run out of breath and stop. Once you've caught up, deliver a melee takedown to get the most experience points. Now hack the caller's phone to finish up this mission.

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