Dark Souls 2 - Shrine of Amana

Use our walkthrough to make it through the Shrine of Amana without being killed, and arrive at the Demon of Song boss ready for battle.

Only a few more areas lie between you and the conclusion of Dark Souls 2, but now's definitely not the time to get complacent. If you're struggling to make it through the perils of the Shrine of Amana, take a look through our complete walkthrough for the area.

Shrine of Amana guide

Walk downstairs and then go through the door ahead of you. Carry on walking down the path you come to, and smash up the boxes at the end. Now kill the poisonous enemy that appears and loot the chest to get your hands on a Skeptic's Spice and a pair of Wilted Dusk Herbs. Travel back the way you came, go through the door, and then head downstairs.

There's a lizard-like enemy waiting for you at the bottom. Kill it, then take the Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier from over in the corner. Now go into the next room along, kill the knight hanging around inside, then take the Elizabeth Mushroom from the chest on your left. It's quite hard to spot in the water, so keep your eyes peeled. Prepare to deal with more of those lizards when you take the Flame Butterfly and the Twinkling Titanite from the right-hand part of the room.

Carry on towards the end of this room when you're done looting, but make sure you open up the chest on the side of the structure to get a trio of Crimson Waters. Now go through the door and talk to Milfanito on the other side of it to get a Smooth & Silky Stone. Go through the next door and then carry on down the path.

Again, there are plenty more of those lizard-like creatures in the water here. Kill them as you make your way along so as to avoid a mass ambush. When you reach the end of the path, you'll have to kill a knight. Once all enemies have been defeated, make sure you take the Skeptic's Spice, three Torches, the Large Soul of a Proud Knight, and two Souls of a Lost Undead from the central platform.

Where to find the Dragon Charm

Carry on through this area and kill the next two knights you come to, then open the chest over on your far left to get a Dragon Charm. Make your way into the tunnel up ahead of you, then veer to the left and kill the lizard enemies waiting in the room on your left. Now loot the coffer inside for three Smooth & Silky Stones, and a Twinkling Twilight.

When you've looted everything, carry on making your way down this tunnel, kill the poisonous enemy up ahead, then walk through the misty door to enter a new section of the region.

Kill the magician and the lizard enemies up ahead of you, then go into the structure in the centre of the room. Light the bonfire you find here, then carry on towards the end of the room until you encounter another pack of sorcerers and lizards. Kill them all, including the bigger enemy who's hiding in the water over to your right.

Where to find the Shrine of Amana Estus Flask Shard

When everything's dead, take the right-hand path. When you get to the end of it, you'll be able to pick up a Crimson Water from a spot on your right, as well as an Estus Flask Shard from your left. Just after that Shard is a chest. Open it to get a Sunlight Blade.

As soon as you've looted all of these items, get back on the main path and go through the door and into the structure ahead of you. Grab the Old Radiant Lifegem and the Large Soul of a Proud Knight, then go through the next door along.

Over on your far left is a knight and a sorcerer. Kill them both, then finish off the lizard creatures and sorcerers that are guarding the misty door up ahead. Now go all the way up the ramp on your left to get three Alluring Skulls. Be sure to hug the wall as you sneak around to the right of the misty door to get a Divine Blessing and a Soul of a Hero.

Now go through that door and into the next tunnel along. You'll come to a pack of poisonous enemies. Watch out for the clouds of poison they emit as you kill them, then light the bonfire on your left. Kill the other creatures nearby, then go through the passage and kill the sorcerer in front of you.

When it's dead, head into this new section, kill the next sorcerer in the middle of it, then the lizard and the sorcerer to your left. Make your way into the structure at the end of this area, then go through the next misty door to begin the boss battle against the Demon of Song.

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