Dark Souls 2 - King's Passage, Looking Glass Knight

Don't start the fight with the Looking Glass Knight until you've taken a look through our essential guide to this end-game boss fight.

After entering King's Passage, make your way through the first hallway very slowly, picking off each statue as you head down it. Some will fight back, but others will simply die straight away. As you walk along, make sure you grab the Lifegem from over on your left, as well as the Twinkling Titanite and the Soul of a Proud Knight from your right. Kill the guard at the very end of this path, then walk through the mist in front of you to take on the mighty Looking Glass Knight.

How to kill the Looking Glass Knight

There's nothing about the Looking Glass Knight that you haven't already encountered in other boss fights. Begin the battle by circle-strafing around your opponent. Most of its attacking patterns are comprised of two or three whacks, but there may be a pause before the third one lands. In other words, don't be too hasty when it comes to launching your counter-attacks, and wait a little while until you're sure the attacking pattern is over.

Whenever the Looking Glass Knight holds his sword aloft to charge it up with lightning, back away from him immediately. The incoming lightning damage has a very wide area of effect, and it can be very hard to dodge if you don't get a fair bit of distance between your character and the boss. The good news is that there's enough downtime between the end of the lightning and the next attack for you to dart back in and smash him in the face.

As soon as the Knight hits half of his life bar, you'll need to start watching our for a lightning projectile that accompanies the usual lightning attack. It'll fire straight out from the boss's sword, but if you're positioned to the side or the rear of the Knight, you'll have no trouble avoiding it.

"As soon as the Knight hits half of his life bar, you'll need to start watching our for a lightning projectile that accompanies the usual lightning attack."

Something else to watch out for is when the Knight puts his shield on the floor. That telegraphs the imminent arrival of a trash enemy. It's not too hard to kill this newcomer, but the Knight's attacks don't abate during this phase, so kill it as quickly as possible. Carry on dodging the boss's attacks, and do everything you can to prevent more than one minion being present on the battlefield at any given time.

Once the boss is dead, make your way over to the other side of this area to loot a Spell Quartz Ring +2, a Soul Bolt, and a trio of Bonfire Ascetics from the coffer. Now step onto the central round platform to ride a lift to the next level down.

When you hit the bottom, carry on along the grassy tunnel until you reach a small clearing. When you get there, slice up the foliage on your right to add a Green Blossom to your inventory. Now keep walking along the next tunnel until you come to a bonfire. Light it up, then walk forward into the Shrine of Amana.

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