How Thief 4 is using DualShock 4's new toys

Illuminates and darkens with Garrett's sneaking.

When Sony unveiled PlayStation 4 way back in February there weren't many examples of how DualShock 4's touchpad and Move lightbar features would better the PlayStation experience.

Now, fortunately, there are, although their impact we'll have to wait to evaluate.

Eidos Montreal is using the Move lightbar to mirror Thief 4's light gem UI icon, which measures whether hero Garrett is in shadow or not. When he's cloaked in darkness the lightbar will darken, but when he's lit up the controller will be too, producer Stephane Roy explained on the European PlayStation blog.

The touchpad, meanwhile, will assist in menu and map navigation, as well as with selecting weapons. And the improved precision of the controller's motion sensor has enabled Square Enix to map bow aiming to it.

Earlier in the year, Eidos Montreal talked about a Swoop dash ability Garrett has that can be activated by tilting the DualShock 4 pad. The developer also said it was experimenting with a candle-blowing mechanic triggered by players blowing on the microphone of the PS4's bundled headset, but said it wouldn't include it if it turned out too gimmicky. Did it make the cut? I'll ask.

Thief 4 is due out February 2014.

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