Ubisoft saves its best for last: Tom Clancy's The Division for Xbox One and PS4

An open world online modern day action RPG.


An apocalyptic disease spread in three weeks via infected bank notes - that's the premise for Tom Clancy's The Division, Ubisoft's most exciting game reveal at E3 today.

Made by Swedish developer Massive Entertainment (World in Conflict), The Division is an online open world RPG/co-operative shooter for PS4 and Xbox One, due 2014.

You play as a highly trained operative of The Division, a kind of highly trained peace corp who will apparently be the saviours of humankind.


It looks stunning, with a muted, realistic palette and impressive physics and effects. The Division also has a kind of Watch Dogs feel to it, with HUD elements dynamically appearing on items and locations as you explore.

The multiplayer demo Ubisoft showed featured one person joining the fray on their tablet, from which they controlled a surveillance drone.


There's XP awarded for kills and menus where skills can clearly be upgraded. The female party member uses a group heal ability at one point, while the male hero the camera follows rolls a snazzy seeking mine at an enemy hid behind a car.

The gameplay video is below.


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