The next game from the developers of Frozen Synapse is Frozen Endzone

American Football meets robots meets Frozen Synapse.


The developers of the critically-acclaimed strategy game Frozen Synapse have announced their new game: Frozen Endzone.

It's like American Football meets robots meets Frozen Synapse.

Developer Mode 7 describes it as the "premiere tactical future sports game". From the video below, we can see that you set up plays before seeing how they play out, hopefully scoring a touchdown at the end of it all.

Expect skirmish and season modes for single-player and various modes for multiplayer. There's simultaneous turn-based gameplay, as seen in Frozen Synapse, randomly-generated situations, a number of teams and stadiums, customisation and a trance and electronica soundtrack.

Oxford-based indie developer Mode 7 have plopped Frozen Endzone on Steam Greenlight, Valve's user-generated voting system i uses to help work out which games to sell on the hugely popular digital platform.

The plan is to launch in 2014, with a beta "almost certainly" available this year.

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