Nintendo's first Wii U advert makes sure you know it's a new console

"A brand new console with a brand new controller."

Nintendo UK has rolled out its first Wii U TV advert, which focuses on the touchscreen GamePad's features and reinforces the fact that Wii U is a brand new console.

The minute-long clip, shown last night during Homeland on Channel 4, begins with a voiceover spelling out that the Wii U is a "brand new console with a brand new controller."

It may be a sign that Nintendo has learned from early confusion surrounding the Wii U's unveiling, when some mistook it to be an add-on to the current Wii. The company faced similar problems with the 3DS, too.

Nintendo's own New Super Mario Bros. U and Nintendo Land are unsurprisingly among the games shown off the most. For the more mature audience not put off by the voiceover man's gun impression ZombiU, Batman: Arkham City and Mass Effect 3 also get a look in.

One of the GamePad features highlighted is the ability to play games entirely on the GamePad screen while others watch the TV. It's illustrated here by a woman coming in and getting grumpy with the gamer.

Nintendo's small print suggests the console will sell for around 249.99 with games around 50, although "prices may vary". The company does not set pricing in Europe, although that figure tallies with early punts from UK retailers.

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